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Artefacts Sought

Original authentic and issued bits and pieces from….
the North West Mounted Police (NWMP),
the Dominion Police of Canada
the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP)
the Canadian Provost Corp, No 1 Coy (RCMP)
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Canadian RCMP CIVPol units (UN-RCMP)

OFFICIAL ISSUE kit, uniforms, tunics, badges, artefacts, handbooks, manuals
and memorabilia,

boots, riding crops, stetsons, forage caps, gauntlets, horse tack, etc.

Items that are acquired will be displayed on this site and credit given to the Member(s)
who previously owned them, when known.

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Questions & Comments

The curators and owners of the this site
are soley responsible for its content.
We verify any historic statements on the site.

Any errors or omissions are ours and we welcome corrections.

All the artefacts on this site are held in private collections.
We are not a business and do not profit from the web site,
except for the simple joy of collecting historic Canadian artefacts relating to:
the RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
the RNWMP – Royal North West Mounted Police,
the NWMP – North West Mounted Police,
and the Dominion Police.

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RCMP 150 Specialization


gilt nwmp cap badge


RCMP National Memorial Cemetery Ottawa


Canadian military police

Virtual Museum

This virtual museum website is dedicated to the memory of two of my relatives who served in the Force RCMP 10921 S/S/M Robbie Robertson and NWMP 2373 Sgt Andrew Holmes.


RCMP Regimental #10921
Staff Sergeant Major James "Robbie" Robinson
Died Sept 1986, aged 81.
Buried at Depot, Regina, SK


NWMP Regimental #2373
Sergeant Andrew Lowry Holmes
Joined May 1889, died Jan 1905.
Cause of death: heart attack, aged 41.
Buried at Police Cemetery, Dawson City, Yukon